RED-G 2500-12: UP TO 12kW

RED-G 4000-21: Up to 21kW

RED-G 8000-42: Up to 42kW

RED-G 2500-12 / RED-G 4000-21: 3~400Vac, with neutral (optional)

RED-G 8000-42: 3~400Vac, with neutral (optional)

RED-G 2500-12: 2,5 kVA

RED-G 4000-21: 4 kVA

RED-G 8000-42: 8 kVA

RED-G 2500-12: 15 min 1.6kVA (max)

RED-G 4000-21: 15 min 3kVA (max)

RED-G 8000-42: 15 min 5kVA (max)

RED-G 2500-12 / RED-G 4000-21: 48V (N°4 units 12V in series)

RED-G 8000-42: 96V (N°8 units 12V in series)

Check that the 4th pole is closed.
Check that RED-G is powered.
Check that RED-G doesn’t show any fault on display.
PROBLEMA: Il ciclo di emergenza si avvia, ma la

Check that the car is not at any floor level.
Check that the control panel commands the reset operation and that drives the inverter with a reduced speed command.
Check that RED-G doesn’t show any fault on display.
Check if the phase sequence device of the control panel is working properly.
If not, try to invert 2 output phases of RED-G device. If problem persists, use a N.O. contact of RED-G device (for example
CM1-NO1) to bypass the the contact of the phase sequence device during the emergency.
Check if the control panel shows an alarm due to the RED-G output voltage higher than the normal protection limit.

Check on display to see what is the protection that tripped.