Control Panel Gearless Machine

Lift application up to 45A (*) Machine

• Modular system up to 32 stops, APB, Down and Full Collective, Multiplex.
• CAN BUS system for serial shaft and car.
• Software updating via PC.
• Integrated led lighting system.
• Serial and Parallel configuration.
• Automatic, semi-automatic and manual doors.
• Single or 2 accesses.
• Main switch, light switches ( shaft and car) and power socket in the control panel.
• Remote test operations (safety block, buffers, brake, etc.).
• Overspeed governor in the shaft, controlled by key in control panel for test.
• Built in automatic rescue system and electrical emergency operations.
• Integrated manual electrical rescue operation with monitor of car at floor level, for rescue operation.
• Compliance with EN STANDARD as follows:
2014/33/UE – 2014/30/UE – EN 81-20.
• Prewired kit for car and shaft.