SASSI HOLDING was founded in 2000 by the union of 4 companies already owned by the Sassi family with the synergistic goal of technological development and continuous innovation in the world of elevators.

Italian heritage and quality.

The company is headquarted in Bologna (Italy) and thanks to its professional and well-organized distribution network, it features an effective worldwide presence.


Each of us is unique, but united by our drive to succeed. Working with shared values to achieve our goals together.


  • 1946

    Birth Alberto Sassi Spa

    In the ruined Italy of the immediate post war years, reconstruction was a national priority. One of the leading protagonists of this effort was the Alberto Sassi company, which managed by its founder Mr. Alberto Sassi, started manufacturing essential building construction equipment, specializing in the production of gearboxes for lifts.

  • 1961


    The company becomes a S.p.A., which is a joint stock company, the offices and the production units then moved to our current location in Crespellano on the outskirts of Bologna.


  • 1965

    Electric motors

    Alberto Sassi company begins the manufacturing (as sole gears manufacturer in Europe) of electric motors.

  • 1995

    Acquisition SMS Sistemi and Microsistemi S.r.l.

    The Alberto Sassi S.p.A. takes over the control of the company SMS Sistemi e Microsistemi s.r.l. to whom is transferred the electronic section (which had been created by Sassi in the early ’80s).


  • 1996

    Acquisition of Gibierre S.r.l

    The Alberto Sassi S.p.A. purchase the majority shares of the company Gibierre S.r.l. which starts the manufacturing of all electrical motors, once produced by Sassi.

  • 2000

    Sassi Holding

    In order to streamline its management structure, S.p.A. Alberto Sassi has decided to separate the production and sales activities, now transferred to Alberto Sassi S.p.A., from the real estate and investment operation, and convert to a Holding Company, still belonging to Sassi family.


  • 2000

    Sassi Lift Systems L.t.d.

    Sassi Holding takes over control of the company Liftmaterial (GB) L.t.d. – a trading company located in Great Britain – which in June 2001 changed its corporate name to SLS Sassi Lift Systems L.t.d.

  • 2001

    Acquisition of Faymesa SL

    Sassi Holding takes over control of FAYMESA S.L Now Sassi Spain. a Spanish company specialising in the manufacturer of gearboxes for lifts.